Incinéris (France) opts for FT

Incinéris (France) opts for FTIncinéris SASU, the major player in the French pet cremation, is a very professional and caring body towards animal cremation – both individual and collective cremation of animals – throughout the whole of France. They have been a loyal customer of FT since the mid-1990s and have just increased their portfolio of equipment by two additional and very newly designed pieces of equipment for their site in Nimes (in the south of France).

In response to increasing demand for individual cremations, FT has developed the sophisticated FT 110/4D. This high-tech system has four separate chambers (with a capacity of 50, 30, 15 and 15 kilos respectively) which means it is possible to carry out four individual cremations at the same time. This is the equipment which has been installed in Nîmes.

In addition to the above, Incinéris opted also for the FT 250R – a sophisticated rotary incinerator – fitted with a filtration/abatement system. This installation in Nimes is the first in the country and has been built to the very highest emission standards in France for the purposes of cremation of animals.
In fact, the emission criteria far exceed the requirements for human cremation.

Incinéris advise that they will add before the end of 2015 a large filtration/abatement system for their FT400R in Chateau-Gaillard (close to Lyon).