Design & Construction


Technology driven

Genuine centre of expertise

FT is technology driven; a genuine centre of expertise. Our designers are all specialists, mostly university graduates, and possess an impressive amount of knowledge and experience in the field of cremation technology. Design & Drawing is the place where technical issues are investigated, drawings produced and international developments followed. And all that expertise is fully at your disposal.

FT is continually investing in R&D. This means we are constantly improving existing products, developing new ones, dreaming up innovative solutions, lowering energy costs, etc.

A keen insight

Because we operate across the globe, we have a keen insight into specific developments in the different markets. That gives us a unique edge on similar companies in your region and is very beneficial to you.

As part of ‘the Facultatieve Group’, FT benefits from knowledge and experience that goes all the way back to 1874. Our network, relationships, expertise, reputation, stability – everything we have built up over the last 140 years (!) is at your disposal. Within the Group we are both a builder of cremators and an operator of various crematoria: both supplier and client! There is no other operator with that depth of experience.