'the Facultatieve Group'

As part of ‘the Facultatieve Group’, FT benefits from knowledge and experience that goes all the way back to 1874. Our network, relationships, expertise, reputation, stability – everything we have built up over the last 140 years (!) is at our disposal and at yours too. Within the Group, we are both a builder of cremators and an operator of various crematoria. In short, both supplier and client! There is no other competitor with so much experience.


When in 1874, six men met together in The Hague to found what is now known as Royal Facultatieve, they could never have expected that they were laying the foundation for an organisation that would become a leading international concern. With that history, its innovative way of thinking and the desire to continually improve quality, ‘the Facultatieve Group’ is today a solid organisation with service and technology as its core tasks.

With activities across the globe and offices in ten countries, the Group operates in a wide range of areas: from automation to publishing. With FT, the Group is global market leader in the field of incineration and environmental technology. Since 1913, the Group has run various crematoria and cemeteries.

Because ‘the Facultatieve Group’ operates in many fields, the Group is both supplier and client. As an operator of crematoria, we know exactly what is needed to ensure our services function at their best. And FT can precisely tailor its products and services to that. And it goes without saying that that is a major benefit to our clients.

The know-how, experience and diversity of activities make ‘the Facultatieve Group’ a reliable, strong and effective international organisation in which continuity is guaranteed.